bitcoin faucet

Best bitcoin faucet list: a best selection of free bitcoin faucet

Some web programmers have created Bitcoin faucet that as first objective has to donate small or modest amount of bitcoins free: the satoshi free donations.

I remember that the bitcoin value at this time is 900$, in fact these bitcoin faucets deliver satoshi (value very small 0.00000001 BTC) but not to discourage you, we have selected a list of the best bitcoin faucet free that allow you to earn up to 150,000 free satoshi for a week with minimal effort.

First you need to sign up a Coinbase wallet that will allow you to maintain deposited bitcoin that you will receive, but not only, even faster than the other wallet. After your registration you will get the bitcoin address to insert in faucet form, resolve captcha and finally receive payments on your wallet.

The best list of bitcoin faucet always updated to receive free bitcoin is: