Cloud Mining

You want start to earning with cryptocurrency but you don’t want buy a miner or computer with a lot of GPU to start mining?

With the cloud mining, you can start mining in a few click and with a low price. Take a look at the best cloud mining service.


One of my favorites cloud mining service!! with hashflare you can buy the hashpower. and you can start earning at the same time. with hashflare you only need to registrate. select your favorites cryptocurrency and start earning! The currency available on hashflare are:

  • SHA-256 ( for 1 year ) – BTC / Bitcoin
  • Scrypt ( for 1 year ) – LTC / Litecoin
  • ETHASH ( for 1 year ) – ETH / Ethereum
  • EQUIHASH ( for 1 year ) – ZCASH

Hashflare are very serious company.. the support (in my case) always response on my ticket, and the payout  work’s perfect. My regret is not having bought before the hashpower on hashflare

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Genesis Mining

Another solid, and powerfull coud mining service are offer by Genesis Mining, with genesis mining you can buy hashpower and decided how cryptocurrency mine!

With Genesis Mining you can buy hashpower for:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash (x11)
  • Ethereum
  • Z-Cash
  • Monero

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Cryptomining Farm are another cloud system mining service! With you can buy the hashpower for mining bitcoin. the ROI ( Return of Investment ) with are based on your contract type ( you can select the time of contract when you buy the haspower ). The contract available are:

  • 3 Months – ROI (Return of Investment) – 30%
  • 6 Months – ROI (Return of Investment) – 70%
  • 1 Year – ROI (Return of Investment) – 160%
  • 3 Years – ROI (Return of Investment) – 500%
  • 15 Years – ROI (Return of Investment) – 2600%
  • Lifetime – ROI (Return of Investment) -10000%

The ROI ( Return of Investment) are indicated on website. and these values can change.

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