When you get a cryptovalute.. you can change in any other cryptocurrency or in your real money currency (ex. dollar, or euro), with an exchange.

One of the the common questions of neophyte are:

– How i can get dollar with cryptocurrency?
– How i can get euro with cryptocurrency?

Another one exchange website are Gate io offer a large number of cryptocurrency, and you can exchange your coin in simple and secure way. With you can download a mobile app, available for Android and iOS. Otherwhise Poloniex, with you don’t need send your documents. but only insert a username, password, and fund password (used for withdraw / deposit).

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Poloniex are a the full features cryptocurrency exchange. Poloniex are the solid and simple cryptocurrency exchange, and allow you to operate with the TOP currency.. With poloniex you can do:

  • Exchange
  • Margin Trading
  • Lending

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